All about designing and engraving the Mastermind Trophy 2011


There is a problem with writing a blog, You can either spend the time  engraving or writing aboutengraving. The trophy is finished and has been sent offand I never wrote the last page or so.  The last step qas to tackle the finer details such as hair, faces and hands and feet. I acquired two new diamond wheels (tiny wheels) from KMK in Germany. They were intended especially for these areas.It must be said that copper wheels do the job as well but diamond wheels keep on cutting as only a drip of water is needed to use them. Copper wheels need a constantly replenished supply of abrasive and oil applied to the edge for them to cut at all, that means you have to stop engraving to charge the wheel and that gets in the wsy of continous  concentration on the task in hand. The other side of the coin though is that diamond (even very fine grade diamond) cuts very quickly and leaves little room for error. I fin I change from one  to the other constantly depending on the area I’m concentrating on. In fact I also change the grade of abrasive I use with the copper wheels as both rough and fine grades have their place. That was definately the case with the faces. I say faces but in reality I concentrate on the heads, not the features. If I get the structure of the head right the face will look correct. Features will not look right if added on top of a badly structured head. after all it’s the bone structure of the head,eg. skull etc that determines what a person’s face looks like.I’m afraid I did not stop to take pictures at this point . Deadline was spproaching fast and engraving took priority. I took a lot of pictures when the trophy was finished though and I’ll post some of them soon.

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  1. Congratulations Denis!

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