All about designing and engraving the Mastermind Trophy 2011

This is taking me ages to do!! It’s now a case of making final decisions and then engraving all the detail more accurately. Having been away over Easter weekend I’m beginning to worry about time and the approaching deadline! These photos show the way the draperies will be engraved but please remember I haven’t even washed the bowl and the photos were taken at a very high magnification, it all looks very rough but that be removed in the process of  making sure all the shapes are correct and engraved to  my satisfaction. Engraving folds in material is no easy task and I have been using my other lathe (the old one)  and copper wheels to achieve the effect I’m after. The wheel I use is called a “strap or panel”  wheel. It has a straight profile and sharp edges, using it to run down the line of the fold  gives a clean crisp feel; at least it will when I have finished!

Made a start to getting the drapery to cover the body but still retain the form. Very rough at this stage.

To show the drapery following the body. The difficulty is not to obscure it all.

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