All about designing and engraving the Mastermind Trophy 2011


Having roughed out the figures I have to decide whether they should have any drapery added.  The main reason for doing so would be to add another decorative element that would link the elements together. I want the “background” and the figures to flow together as a pattern. I decided on a large flattish wheel and  ran it sideways, creating “scooped” shapes. Where these scoops meet the figures there is every likelihood that the cut will break into the line of the limbs and spoil the form. My first step (after a bit of experiment) was to skim very lightly round the figures and then add the scoop cuts, stopping them just short of the figures (I’ve marked round the area next to the legs where the skimmed area is most clearly seen.) At this stage everything looks very rough but all the “finishing” will come later.

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